Take a look at our afternoon tutorials at SEETEST 2022!

01 Aug 2022

Take a look at our afternoon tutorials at SEETEST 2022!
In the afternoon we continue with another four tutorials:

Michael Bolton will show us how important critical thinking is in software testing in ‘What Do You Expect? How to Avoid Being Fooled in Testing’

Vipul Kocher will take a look at various types of migrations and the types of tests that need to be performed for each type and more in ‘Cloud Migration Testing’

Julie Gardiner will present ‘How to Influence Quality with Senior Management and the Team’ where she will be showing us how to present information about your test results so that decision-makers receive the correct message.

Jan Grape will tell us more about what makes a software testing/developing team actually efficient in ‘High performing teams’

Book your ticket now in order not to miss them – don’t forget to use the discount SPKR at checkout to get a 15% discount off the price of Hybrid & Virtual tickets!

See you there!

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