The NEW Issue 6, 2017 Quality Matters Magazine is out!

27 Jul 2017

The NEW Issue 6, 2017 Quality Matters Magazine is out!
We are pleased to announce, that the new issue of Quality Matters magazine has been released!

The new issue can be downloaded from HERE. It is absolutely free of charge – please feel free to share!

Quality Matters is a magazine focused on software quality and testing, we not only follow
recent trends, but also include knowledge, test tools, up-to date fresh news and solutions.

In this issue:

Discount Usability Testing by ERIK VAN VEENENDAAL
Success from Failure - by CLIVE BATES
Slithering with Python and Selenium by I. SPASOJEVIC, D. LECIC, M. KOLAROV … and more

This time we come back with much more practical advice in the area of software quality and testing. The reach and depth of quality assurance has been greatly expanded with trends in technology as well as adoption of new principles in quality improvement.

We have articles from Romania, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, UK, Turkey and Bonaire. You will read about test automation, architecture design, usability testing, practical advices and more.

Enjoy reading!

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